Project Details
Project: Competitor Analysis: Insect Protein Sector

Company Profile

Nutrition Technologies, based in South East Asia, manufactures and supplies sustainable insect proteins, oils, and frass to help feed the growing aquaculture, agriculture, and animal feed industries around the world. We take food waste and through the application of decomposition ecology (natural decomposition process using microbes and insects) we upcycle that waste into new agricultural inputs. A true circular economy company, closing the loop on food waste.

Project Information
  • Project Area: Strategy, Market Research

  • Project team size: --

  • Project Areas: Business Strategy, Product Development, Account Management and Business Development, Business Strategy

Project description, objectives:

The use and application of insect products are right at the cutting edge of agriculture.  The expected population in 2050 is 10 billion people, all of whom need protein in their diet. Some of them will choose to meet that protein requirement through plant-based protein but many will chose to eat chicken, pork, fish, and other meat. Currently, we empty oceans for fishmeal and clear rainforest for soybean plantations, while creating mountains of food waste. There is a better way, using the power of nature to convert organic matter, such as food waste, into nutrients to feed new life. In nature, this is done through a complex interaction between microbes and insects, and that is what we replicate.

This is a new and emerging industry, with lots of small players attempting to break through to be the industrial giants of the future. The industry is already forecast to be worth many billions of dollars but it is presently made up of many small players scattered around the world. There are a few early leaders, but as a new industry each has a very different operating model and 'secret sauce'. One early leader has already fallen, so how will this cottage industry develop. Will a small group rise above the rest, will we see consolidation, will there be increasing specialization rather than all under one roof models?

We would like the team of students to assess the current state of the market, identifying the serious players and pretenders before predicting scenarios as to how the sector will develop, providing analysis and key insights to the company development.


A competitor analysis report:

  • The current state of the market:
    • Who are the players
    • Production capacity/sales
    • Financial strength
    • Operating model / Company Philosophy
    • What makes them unique? (secret sauce)
  • How might the sector evolve:
    • Scenarios (to discuss based on initial analysis)

  • Conclusion: positioning/actions to benefit from opportunities or mitigate threats identified in the scenarios;
  • Strategy plan with a full road map to outdo competitors.