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Project: Investor Pitch Analysis and Feedback

Company Profile

Founded in 2019, Clever Solar Devices is a Startup Company devoted to the development of technologies for digital transformation and the optimization of the management of solar photovoltaic plants. Clever Solar Devices recently introduced Clever Dx, the platform for photovoltaic solar power plants which allows remote operation and maintenance via real-time detection of failures as well as efficiency problem diagnosis with no production interruption.

Project Information
  • Project Area: Business Development, Marketing

  • Project team size: 3-5

  • Project Areas: Account Management and Business Development, Business Strategy, Marketing, Non-Profit, Marketing

Project description, objectives:

We are an innovative company committed to clean energies.

Currently, the control and maintenance of photovoltaic solar power plants are done manually or with the help of thermography solutions, which is inefficient, costly and complex to scale.

Our goal is to transform and digitize photovoltaic solar plants.

With our solution, we manage to simplify O&M (Operations and Maintenance) by reducing costs by up to 70% and increase production by up to 12% as we can diagnose failing modules without interrupting production at any time.

The diagnostics of our platform provide readings in real-time at the module level, through small hardware that communicates with our AI software via WIFI, allowing more efficient operational decision-making at all levels, from the module to the plant, remotely. 


We would like you to help us with our investor pitch, providing analysis and recommendations for improvement. 

  • Review our investor pitch - both slides and speech.
  • Make improvement recommendations


  • Improved Slide Deck
  • Current Analysis
  • Recommendation list by higher impact priority

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