Business Challenges

Fast Track Challenge

The Fast Track Challenge inspires students to work collaboratively on finding solutions to real-life business problems in a limited amount of time.

The engagement starts when a high level Executive presents a specific corporate issue with different elements at play. Each team of students tackles one element with the goal of presenting a viable solution to the company’s issue. This team-building activity will enhance students' problem-solving skills while offering resumé worthy experience. The duration of the challenge is between one and two full business days.

Hackathon | Save my Business

The Hackathon creates solutions in a competitive environment with a limited time frame. It will give students the opportunity to work with small business owners to help them survive the pandemic and keep their business afloat. Students will have the opportunity to develop their decision-making skills and learn how to work with tight deadlines.

The challenge will not be shared in advance and will be a surprise to the participants, who will then have 48 hours to come up with a plan to save the business.

Latest challenges:

Online fast track challenge

Challenge Type:Commercial & Marketing Challenge

Company Overview

Awto is the first car sharing service with a regional presence in Latin America. They offer vehicles for minutes, hours or days, under a service that includes fuel, insurance, and free parking points. All through their smartphone app. In addition to being an innovative and pioneering brand, Awto is positioned as an economic, sustainable, and social alternative that complements other transportation options.

Challenges & Specifications

Link the competitive landscape (for shared mobility) with the reasons for their success or lack of.

Product mix
Provide a vehicle mix analysis that suggests the best-shared mobility vehicles for each of the main cities in LATAM. Taking into consideration the local characteristics of each city.

Future of mobility
We need to study how the future of mobility will look like and how shared mobility fits into this picture

Travel Company (private name)
Online fast track challenge

Challenge Type:Commercial & Marketing Challenge

Company Overview

The client is an American global travel technology company. Its websites, which are primarily travel fare aggregators and travel metasearch engines, include several well-known brand names in the fields of hotel bookings, car rentals, event tickets, and travel packages.
In light of the Covid-19 pandemic the company had to rethink it's brand and business.

Challenges & Specifications

Brand Awareness
How can the company build meaningful brand awareness at a low overhead cost?

Impact Generator
How can the company help to have a positive impact on their hotel partners during this pandemic and as we move into a Post-Covid economy? In 2019 they hosted a large number of in person networking events, including workshops, seminars, and breakfasts, among others.
These events generated positive results as hotels shared best practices and marketing ideas for their brands, but as we look towards a Post-Covid world they likely will not be possible due to social distancing guidelines and inevitable budget cuts.

Other Solutions

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