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Project: People Reward System

Company Profile

Nestlé is a global company that supplies food, health and other products. it is a joint venture between Général Mills and Nestlé that has enabled the brand to develop so much

Project Information
  • Project Area: Other, Operations

  • Project team size: 3-5

  • Project Areas: Business Strategy, Operations Management, HR & Talent - Organizational Culture, HR & Talent

Project description, objectives:

At Nestlé, we often have staff helping us by being flexible and changing the pace of work at the last minute, or cancelling vacations and things like that.

Today, we do not have a rewards/recognition system for these passionate and willing people. We would like to be able to define a matrix that helps us decide when I can trigger a thank-you action based on the requests we make to our staff. 

The recognition that we want to give must not exceed 50€ per person, the objective being rather to mark the occasion and to say "thank you", simply. This is something that may seem obvious, but we are running out of the ideas to be a little original on it.


The main goal of this project is to establish a rewards system to recognize employee's dedication and teamwork in two types of situations:

  • The first thing is individual recognition. For example, one of my employees changing their schedule at the last minute to ensure production following a colleague's absence.
  • The second thing is for collective recognition. For example, several people in the team went above and beyond with their dedication and were a lot more productive than expected, which saved a lot of time and therefore money for the company.