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Project: Evolving the customer support channel to better support the energy transition

Company Profile

We distribute energy! E-Redes is part of a vertically integrated utility company named EDP that has over 40 years of history, being present in 21 countries, on 4 continents. E-Redes is mainland Portugal’s distribution system operator. Our mission is to ensure energy is always present in your life. Being mainland Portugal’s distribution system operator, we connect power suppliers to their customers, respecting high standards of quality efficiency. We ensure network expansion and reliability. We apply energy efficiency solutions and develop a smarter energy distribution grid.

Project Information
  • Project Area: Business Development, Strategy

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  • Project Areas: Business Strategy, Product Development, Research & Development, Operations Management - Customer Satisfaction, Account Management and Business Development

Project description, objectives:

E-REDES is a distribution network operator, connects energy suppliers and their customers, respecting high standards of quality and efficiency. We guarantee the expansion, sustainability, and reliability of the network. Committed to energy efficiency solutions we have developed a smarter energy distribution network.

It has 3 main customer channels (Contact Center, Stores, and Digital) and aspires to develop a holistic strategy to integrate an omnichannel support scheme. Based on thorough market research on best practices and technology that can be integrated into an energy utility company such as  AI models, robotization, digitization, and centralization. This integrated model not only aims to achieve a distinctive customer support experience but also to empower the customer with tools that provide the necessary information, reducing operational costs.

This project aims to analyze the existing processes of E-REDES customer support channels and identify a high-level strategic map to evolve the existing environment into a holistic Omni-channel platform that seamlessly connects customer interactions across different channels and systems.

The project should define a clear strategy based on best practices currently being deployed and should answer the following questions:

  • What integrated channel strategy should an energy utility company such as E-REDES follow?
  • How can the use of state-of-the-art technology optimize existing processes and evolve them to new levels?
  • What are the key aspects to be considered in Business Process Operations (BPO) contracts with external service providers?

This work should reflect the differentiating needs of E-REDES as the DSO responsible for serving the HV, MV, and LV networks. 


  1. Analysis and strategy to implement the best market practices and recommendations for Contact Center and Store processes;
  2. Analysis and strategy to implement the best market practices and recommendations for BPO contracts to be established with external service providers;
  3. A strategic plan to evolve the existing environment into a holistic omnichannel platform that seamlessly connects the customer's interactions across different channels.

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