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Project: VC for a day: Pitch Deck Analysis for Qooore

Company Profile

  • United States, San Francisco

  • Accounting & Banking

  • Founded in 2020

Qooore is a social investing app that helps GenZ learn how to earn money through validated financial influencers and copy their trading styles. An interface that is a mix between TikTok and Robinhood. There are 67M of GenZ in the US and more coming of age, 40% of which are already searching for financial advice and education on TikTok/Slack/Discord (though TikTok has just banned financial advice leaving demand in their wake). Qooore helps protect Gen Zs against scammers and fraudulent advisors because the finfluencers are given star ratings based on the accuracy of their previous assumptions. Anybody can be a content creator and share their assumptions; if they get a 5-star rating they can monetize their content on a subscription-based model.

Project Information
  • Project Area: Finance, Growth Strategy

  • Project team size: 3-5

  • Project Areas: Business Strategy, Business Strategy, Finance

Project description, objectives:

Qooore helps people to invest as easily as a swipe with AI-powered smart-insight. We are a mobile app providing AI-powered investment smart-insight, backend collects hundreds of human-made forecasts, market trends, parsed analyst websites & 250+ more factors, and generates one balanced forecast (smart-insight) based on an AI-powered scoring system & previous forecasts.

 Qooore allows you to maximize your profit and trading in a user-friendly way.

We are Building a social investing platform focused on GenZ. The main challenge for us is user growth and obtaining a Broker-Dealer license. Registered investor advisory license in the process. 


  •   Go to market strategy and recommendations with growth hacking;
  •   Pitch deck analysis.

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