Project Details
Project: Ideas for online marketing plan USA for Chilean Startup!

Company Profile

We are a Chilean Start-up with innovative and patented eco-friendly B2B and B2C products, with different awards, excellent reception from consumers, now searching for ways to escalate after new capital injection.

Project Information
  • Project Area: Marketing, Strategy

  • Project team size: --

  • Project Areas: Business Strategy, Product Development, Marketing, Marketing

Project description, objectives:

We just got a capital injection, and need a Marketing plan and strategy to scale. We are already selling in Amazon, and getting in other online vendors as Etsy, Walmart marketplace, and Sear Marketplace. We are also planning to install our main office in the US late this year, so we need to push our products and value proposition.

We need to create a detailed online marketing plan and strategy, determine who is our audience, and target it (a mix between Google SEO, Google Adwords, and social networks). For this project in particular, given the timeframe, we are requesting ideas for an online marketing plan


Ideas for an online marketing plan that considers the following aspects:

  • The target audience to reach;
  • How to reach them;
  • Key KPIs;
  • Investment needed;
  • Possible results;
  • Good practices.